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The Dead Ferrari

Revived with thousands of pictures

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  • Win the Ferrari for a full month to drive - inclusive insurance and fuel for 2000km!

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Next Goal: Start repair process (1.000 users) ?


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The Project

The Idea is simple: This once beautiful Ferrari has been crashed badly and is claimed to be a total.
Since we truly love this car and do not feel that it deserves the junk yard we decided to make a one-of-a-kind Ferrari with all the faces or messages of the many people out there who are with us.

We offer that everyone who participates in the project receives the opportunity to upload a picture either of your-self your friends or anything else which you feel appropriate on the bonnet of this beautiful car.

It used to be so nice

even beautiful...

...despite the beauty it was greeeaaaat on the track!

But then, skill ended and phyiscs took over :((

As painful as it is to watch...Here you can see "the smoking gun"

The results are dramatic...


..."oh no, the rim is scratched"...

...I must say: The alcantara has seen better days...

..."For Sale: barely used tire"...

...The good news: The Mirror is intact - bad news the windshield is broken...

...At least it is still moving...

...With a little help of the local towing company :)

So now what?

Due to the opinion of technical experts the little Italian diva is doomed. €210,000 of damage makes it an economic total.
Since we do not simply think of cars as "objects" we do not support this cold blooded statement from a tech-shop official.
As we truly believe that there are enough nut-cases like us out there we came up with a plan:

Why don't we give every petrolhead on this planet the opportunity to put his or her picture of choice on on our almost dead beauty?

Really? Any Picture?
Yes! Anthing! (except stuff which batman would kick your ass for)

The "artwork" which is being created by the (hopefully) many many pictures is being posted live on this site! So not only will you get the chance to "paint" the Ferrari with your choice of scenery - you get your artwork published right here on .

Therefore you can now buy a space on the Ferrari above. We will use all revenue to repair our racing machine.

Also: If we manage to convince more than 5,000 people to participate in this first-in-the-world project we will draw one lucky winner from all participants and give away our then repaired Ferrari for an entire month! Including insurance and fuel. (Driver must be 18 or older and hold a valid drivers license) Unfortunately we can only do that in Europe and the U.S. (YES ALSO THE US!!!!!)- if our winner is outside of Europe we will compensate this by offering a $7,500 Hertz or Avis voucher or a free 2 week trip to Germany inclusive of driving the Ferrari for the entire time!

Check out what has already been uploaded!

Join the Project

If you didn't get the chance to read the project idea - try it now.

You can buy as many square centimeters of space as there are available - on either the bumper, the main body or the doors!

Accepted payment methods:

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Current Artwork

Check out what the surface of our Ferrari already looks like!

Upload your picture to the hood

The current Artwork on the Hood:

Upload your picture to the chassis

The current Artwork on the Chassis:

Upload your picture to the bumper

The current Artwork on the Bumper:


How many people have to join for this project to get realized?

We will start rebuilding the car once 1,000 People have join the project with whatever amount they found suitable. We belive that if a thousand people decide this is a fun idea, more will follow.

Who will perform the repair is it going to be some thug shop?

No! Only the best for our going to be art-project!
We partnered with the San Marino Company "STILE F" who specializes in chassis repair of Ferrari and actually is one of the licensed contractors of ferrari!
Thank you guys!


It's always good to get some publicity but this project really seems to grind some folk's gears ;)




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