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Nick Jr is a popular channel on which to watch Nick Jr cartoons. Many parents buy the episodes of the show just to watch it with their kids. Many of them also love watching Sponge Bob Square Pants and other related programs. A lot of them also watch the online video game adaptation of Nick Jr. In fact, there are several online games for kids which you can play with your kids. Here are some of them.

Virtual Mining There is an online game called Virtual Mining where your little ones can have fun exploring caves and mining the resources found in them. The basic aim of this game is to create the longest tunnel by burying resources. It is controlled using mouse movements and keyboard commands. There are several levels which your little ones can go to. Once they complete the level, a flag will come up saying “Mined!”

Car Sports This one of the online games for kids is quite fun. There are several car sports which your little ones can engage in. You can either play these games in the virtual world or you can actually give them the cars and have them compete in a real race. There are a number of online publisher websites where you can find these car sports.

Apple Arcade A very popular channel on which to play Nick Jr cartoon games, the Apple Arcade offers free games. The main characters of the show include: Dora the Explorer, Bambi, and much more. It has several types of games including the classic arcade game as well as the popular Nick Jr. flash game. If your kids are in the mood for adventure, then this is a good choice.

Club Penguin: One of the most exciting qq online games for kids is Club Penguin. Like the name suggests, you can play games with the adorable penguins in this virtual world. Kids of all ages can join this club. It is available for both girls and boys. You can choose among the different animals such as dog, cat, horse etc. In addition to that, there are also a number of virtual penguins who are available for you to interact with.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: This is another popular kids game that you can play online. You have to design an attractive picture so that the kids will find it interesting to draw the letters of the alphabet. It is quite easy as well as fun and can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age. You just need to select the word, any picture or a combination of both to start the fun. As you advance in your attempt, the time will come when you will be asked to answer the question and thus you will be enjoying this 60 seconds game with your kids.

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