Mobile security patrol service perfectly tailored to your risk level and budget


We will follow your exact instructions and protocols to ensure any issues are handled precisely how you want them to be handled. We let you fine-tune the duration and frequency of our mobile security patrols down to the minute. A free, no-obligation risk assessment will also be provided so that our security experts can recommend a mobile security patrol service perfectly tailored to your risk level and budget. Our mobile patrol service can also be easily combined with any of our other services to further strengthen the security coverage on-site during times when your property may be subject to intrusion, vandalism, or threat. If you have a large or dangerous site that is accessible by car, our mobile patrols can ensure the full perimeter of the site is investigated and checked. As featured in the London Evening Standard, due to popular demand, Westminster Security established a 24-hour mobile security patrols London for our security-conscious customers.

Additionally, to support our mobile guarding, we operate fully marked security vehicles with up-to-date trackers. Vehicles for mobile patrolling are maintained in the best standards for reliable security services in Canada. Further, as a step of effectiveness, we also offer random patrols who can cross-check risk indicators around the site. Residential and commercial mobile patrols have long been recognized as a proven deterrent against criminal activities. Random police patrols are often not frequent enough and neighborhood watch committees have neither the training nor experience to effectively deal with potential security threats in the same way as our residential security patrols. Key Patrol provides uniformed security officers in liveried vehicles to provide a highly visible deterrent in the form of internal or external patrols of your premises.

This is an ideal solution for managing agents, Primary Care Trusts, councils, or any business with a portfolio of properties. We train our SIA licensed guards to not only act as a visual deterrent but to also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems, for example, windows left open by staff or alarm malfunctions. Any issues will be reported to our 24-hour control room which will assess the issue and advise the guard accordingly. To qualify, our guards must be CPR/First aid certified, have two years of experience in the security field, and have the appropriate profile to carry on this duty.

Mobile security patrols simply mean security guards that can move around your premises, beyond a fixed location, to ensure order and report any suspicious behavior. This might be particularly relevant out of hours, ensuring that there are trained eyes at your premises throughout the night, ready to react to suspicious activity. We can tailor a solution using a combination of services to best meet your needs, including static guards, CCTV, mobile patrols, K9 services, and key holding.

It is also a very cost-effective alternative to traditional manned guarding solutions and works for hand in hand with our key holding and alarm response service. Our fully trained and SIA-licensed mobile security patrol officers are a highly effective and cost-saving alternative to static security guards to keep your property safe and secure. As a result, our commercial and residential security patrol clients look forward to a safer and more secure working or living environment thanks to our mobile security patrols. Our security guard and mobile security patrol vehicle will attend your London home or premises at random or scheduled times throughout the day and night. A random patrol pattern deters opportunist criminals as the chance of them being caught increases. We will conduct an external and/or internal patrol, checking that doors and windows are secure and that no undesirables are present with no disturbance visible.

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