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This sustainable development Venn diagram template has been developed by our designers to represent the three pillars and their interconnectedness. Spherical octahedron – A stereographic projection of a regular octahedron makes a three-set Venn diagram, as three orthogonal great circles, each dividing space into two halves. Humans and penguins are bipedal, and so are in the orange circle, but since they cannot fly, they appear in the left part of the orange circle, where it does not overlap with the blue circle.

A Venn diagram in PowerPoint can demonstrate a range of business concepts to show the logical relationships among three groups. Such relationships in presentations are used to compare or contrast items from different groups. Parts of the diagram that overlap have common values when comparing two or more items. Venn diagram PowerPoint is a useful presentation tool to visualize these similarities and differences that is easy to understand. Alternatively, individuals can download other Venn diagram templates and slides for PowerPoint & Google Slides.

Edit this Venn diagram template and change the color combination, icons, fonts and more to align it with your brand guidelines. This type of Venn diagram is your opportunity to visualize how the three different topics interact with their counterparts individually and how they all come together to provide the result. This Venn diagram template is a great way to understand how medical, fitness and well-being influence our balance of life.

The triangle venn diagram by PowerPoint Template is a pyramid of three triangle shapes. A Venn diagram of three segments can present different groups or sets in various professional or casual presentations. The modern triangle style of the Venn diagram creates an appealing layout to present the relationship between the three groups. These icons are useful for visualizing the link between triangles, such as similar characteristics or values.

Nowadays, social media is a great platform for marketing strategies. Many businesses use social media to promote and endorse their products, brands, or services. For that reason, this template has become an important Venn Diagram template. With this template, your potential buyers can identify the characteristics of your brand.

In addition, the shapes and icons of the Venn Diagram Material Design are editable so that you can personalize the design. The Triangle Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template provides overlapping shapes in different colors to show different segments. Overlapping part of triangle sections uses different colors that represent common values within triangles. It is a creative take on a regular Venn diagram of circular segments featuring white and black background options. A mix of modern clipart icons enables presenters to visually represents the group titles. Although the 2-way Venn diagram is incredibly simple, it can clearly and visually show the differences and similarities between two distinct sets.

To show the data of the sets, you must use a four-circle Venn Diagram. Focuses on the relationships between four components or concepts. The appealing style of this Venn Diagram can show the relationships of the three groups you are presenting.

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